We offer a variety of specialty cranes that range in size and capability. The benefits of our specialty cranes would be they can get to areas that standard cranes would not be able to get to. So instead of sending out a much larger crane to pick whatever needs lifting from a farther distance, we send one of our specialty cranes and get the job done. No matter the size of your project, one of our specialty crane operators will be there with safe & professional service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of our reputation since 1981, serving Michigan and Northern Ohio. Call 1-313-365-1100 to speak to one of our specialty crane experts to inquire about your needs.


Specialty Cranes

Get the job done!

Our Maeda Specialty Crane for example, it goes where larger cranes can’t go and lift impressive loads for their size. Our customers are finding value in our Maeda Specialty Crane’s ability to get the job done at a lower cost and with faster results.

Crawler Cranes

Get the job done!

Crawler cranes deliver excellent mobility over soft surfaces. These multiple-purpose cranes can be used in a broad range of applications, ranging from construction to civil engineering and port cargo handling.


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